Built It For You

Built It For You

For any outfit – big or small – a website revamp is a large undertaking. For small shops, it’s often costly and smooshed between all the human resource…accounting…biz development…and client work. For large shops, it can be a challenge to find the right voice that reflects the company culture and figure out who exactly is going to be charged with the undertaking of being the forward-face of such a big group of people.

For us, it was the former. We could always find a reason not to revisit our original site. Sure, it was outdated. Sure, it no longer well-represented our full suite of services. But people came to us mostly on referral, so why did it matter?

It mattered because of you! As we’ve grown, our clientele still come to us mostly on referral, but the decision makers are often a team of people, some of whom don’t know us. We rebuilt our site to:

Share our services. Triad initially started as a long-term interim staffing solution for emergent organizations looking for fundraising, marketing, communication stop-gap help. As time progressed, we realized that our clients saw us a far more than that. All of us have advanced degrees and years of experience.

While we pride ourselves on the willingness to enter the trench work of everyday organizational life at a steal of a price, we also realized that we needed to 1.) scale and 2.) honor our education and experience and 3.) take notice of how quickly we are brought into high-level, strategic conversation by clients. Perhaps revealing titles will help you understand. We were brought it at a managerial level and within weeks, we were seen as a Vice Presidents! So, over many conversations, we’ve adapted our services to be both consultant and contractor. We understand our impact in effecting organizational direction, policy and procedure; and we also now want to be a working part of the solution. We’re committed to riding the tension.

Share information with you. Some information that we want to share is original content to us. We have plans for eBooks and webinars and articles curated specifically by members of our team (and referral partners). Additional content may be recycled from subject matter experts. As our company name states, we want to be of resource to our current and prospective clients.

Share via multimedia. We experience our work as multidimensional. Our prior website was static and one-dimensional. It told the world the basics about ourselves and no more. It did not welcome conversation and offer itself as resource. We wanted a site where people could talk with us and us them through multiple mediums. This new site allows us to do precisely that.

We hope that you’ll take time to enjoy this new site, and check back for future updates and more content!

Lauren Dillon, Founder